Integrating Western & Buddhist Psychology utilizing sophisticated meditative disciplines and healing practices, cognitive and emotional trainings. Including mindfulness, meditation, inquiry, somatic approaches & somatic meditation, Energy Psychology, Art Therapy, and Flower Essence Therapy.

Contemplative Psychotherapy includes our spiritual dimension, it is a radical and positive approach to psychology and to human life. It is a non-religious way to nurture our sacred connection to life and transform stress, conflict, and difficult emotions. This “science of mind” offers experiential teachings and practices to understand and release suffering to bring about happiness and fulfill the highest levels of human development.

Buddhist Psychology is one of the oldest and most well-developed systems of healing and understanding. It offers a more positive, spiritual and visionary approach to mental health. Western psychology is based upon the medical model of pathology, “there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed”. Whereas, Buddhist Psychology is based upon the refined analysis of human consciousness. The basic aim of Buddhist Psychology is to help us become compassionately aware of our mental, emotional and behavioral patterns in order to skillfully work with them so that we may live more fully from our inherent goodness, compassion and wisdom.

Sessions include prescribed course of daily and ongoing trainings and disciplines to practice at home. In order to embody our deepest ideals, values and insights we must have a consistent practice. These practices return us to our innate wisdom and compassion, and they direct us toward inner freedom.

My clients are adults of any religious background, or no religious background, seeking individual therapy and interested in utilizing a compassionate and contemplative approach in relating to their life. Whether coming to therapy to enhance their current level of wellbeing and happiness or to address challenges with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, relationships, job, career and life transitions, my clients find greater freedom to be the person they would love to be and create the life they would love to live.

Sessions take place either in the beautiful sacred space of our home or at the office which is located above Community Bakery on South Main St, Little Rock.

SESSIONS ARE IN PERSON in Quapaw area of Little Rock

Office address: 1202 S. Main, Ste 201, Little Rock, AR 72202

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Initial Session: 90 minutes, $200.00

Follow-Up Session: 50 minutes, $150.00

Cash & Check Accepted - To pay by credit card use the “Pay For Session” button.

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I currently do not accept insurance. Some insurance companies will reimburse you a percentage of the paid amount. Call your insurance company and ask them about the reimbursement rate for an out of network LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker).

If you are more interested in spiritual guidance instead of therapy, learn about Spiritual Mentoring.


If you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts or hallucinations immediately call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.