The meditative journey begins with mindfulness of the body. By bringing our awareness into the body we begin to explore and awaken to our inner dimension of thoughts, sensations, and emotions which constantly arise within our immediate experience. Becoming familiar with ourselves in this way allows us to relax into this natural process and develop compassion and appreciation for all aspects of ourselves and others.

The following guided meditation practices provide a starting point in this meditative journey and provide a foundation for subsequent practices.

Foundational Practices

Guided meditation instructions for setting up a practice and beginning your practice. 

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A Daily Practice Session

Guided meditation instructions bringing the foundational practices together in a daily practice.

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Awakening the Heart

Guided meditation for awakening and opening the heart, extending loving-kindness towards oneself and others.

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Personal Instructions

We are here to help you establish a meditation practice or support you in deepening your current practice.

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