Our spiritual path can be full of ups and downs, there can be times of elation and great insight and times of darkness and confusion. We can have clear insight into our pristine Divine Beingness and our conditioned habitual patterns and yet, embodying our realizations can be a challenge. It can be difficult to see the conditioned patterns that are causing us suffering and there can be many roadblocks to consistently moving forward on our path.  Therefore, it can be of benefit to work with a Kalyanamitra, spiritual friend, to gently guide us in our journey.

A spiritual friend and mentor supports you in beginning or deepening your spiritual practice and in bringing your practice into your daily life.  It can be a challenge to face our inner unease and conflicted relationships in a way that aligns with our deepest values and spiritual ideals. Through inquiry and dialogue, one-on-one support can help us to gain clarity, open to our innate wisdom, and walk though the challenges encountered along the way.  By looking within we can find peace, harmony, and wholeness beyond our suffering and painful conditioning.  

To awaken from the dream of separation to the luminous pristine realization of the Ultimate Reality which is your True Nature, requires awakening to all parts of your humanity. As well as awakening to your Divine Nature that is not exclusive from your humanity and is not bound by your humanity.
It is to realize and express the Totality that you are.
— Kaycie

As a mentor and guide, Kaycie, supports you in gaining awareness of and giving attention to your inner being. This inner being is the source of innate wisdom, clarity, peace, joy and love. 

A Spiritual Mentoring One To One session is a scheduled private time for you to meet with Kaycie either by phone or in person:

  • Ask questions, receive support and instruction for beginning or deepening your meditation/spiritual practice.
  • Share your insights and observations about your practice and life.
  • Discuss how your practice is unfolding in your life including working with habitual patterns, emotions, relationships, work and family.
  • Discuss specific teachings you are studying.
  • Spend time in silence/meditation (at your request).

Each session is an opportunity to inquire deeply into whatever is arising for you, using each question and challenge as a portal to realizing a deeper truth; that in the midst of even the most painful conditioning is the Infinite Oneness and Presence that you truly are. This is an opportunity for you to discover and embody true peace, love and happiness.

Kaycie is available for a single session or on-going spiritual guidance. Sessions are typically one hour and are offered on a donation basis.



Sessions are by telephone or in person

Sessions are generally 1 hour
1/2 hour sessions are also available
Suggested donation:  $60.00 – $120.00 per hour ($1-$2/minute)