When we awaken to our True Nature we are better able to live our lives in harmony within ourselves and the world around us.  We are able to transform stress, worry, fear and conflict into wisdom and compassion.


contemplative psychotherapy

Spiritual Mentoring


Integrating Western & Buddhist Psychology in a non-religious way to nurture our sacred connection to life and transform stress, conflict, and difficult emotions.

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Receive support in beginning or deepening your spiritual practice and in facing life's challenges.

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Cultivate insight and compassion. Join us for a meditation practice group or learn how to meditate.

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"When one realizes oneself, one realizes the essential nature of the universe. The existence of duality is only an illusion and when the illusion is undone, the primordial unity of one’s own nature and the nature of the universe is realized, or made real."

- Namkhai Norbu