The Path of Peace: Courage

During these times of uncertainty, worry, and fear, it can be a challenge to feel at peace. How does one go about cultivating peace in oneself and the world?

All the teachings point to the same place - we have to go within.

The only place we can truly effect change in the world is within ourselves. When we go within and heal the layers of judgment, fear, labeling, criticizing and lack of peace within ourselves we are helping heal the world. We are then more aligned with the Truth of who we are as Divine beings and from the Wisdom of the Divine Heart we can be moved in the world to assist others in recognizing the Truth of who they are.

How do we see and let go of our conditioning that overlays the peace that is already present in our lives?  How do we gain awareness to the Truth that lies within us?

Lets explore twelve qualities that are needed to recognize and cultivate inner peace.


It takes courage to begin the journey of seeing and knowing the Peace that is already present. Courage is required to go beyond our conditioning and our often well-guarded beliefs, perceptions, judgments and fears to reveal this ever-present Peace.  Walking the path of inner peace takes a willingness to say 'Yes' to the journey.

Having the courage to think differently and see beyond the beliefs that society prescribes is not about wearing rose-colored glasses. It is about seeing beyond situations, personalities, and perceived differences to the unchanging ever-present Divine Essence that is Peace itself. This Peace is already within you. It takes courage to open to this Truth and to love ourselves unconditionally and then extend this to others.

May we each be willing to live courageously by bringing a greater awareness into each moment; by seeing beyond the surface of the situation and to know the Peace that is present which holds even our greatest struggles in its loving arms.