The Importance of Retreat


The world abounds in workshops, training programs, activity based retreat centers and other such opportunities to further one’s spiritual quest.  However, there comes a time when we wish to find a place of solitude whereby we can withdraw into our own self and sadhana (spiritual practices).

Retreat is for those who desire to answer the call of the heart, to deeply realize the truth of their being and the essence of existence. It allows an undistracted experience of surrender that is not often possible in daily life. It is in silence that we can truly come to know the subtle and intricate ways we hide our True Nature.  This “True Nature” is conceptualized in many forms using many names: No-Self, Self, the Mystery, the Divine Within, etc.  Our spiritual practices, including retreat, allows us the opportunity to go beyond these concepts to the direct realization of our True Nature, the “suchness” of existence. As it is taught, if we wish to know God, we must go within.

I encourage you to take time out, whether it be for a day, a week or longer as retreat is an essential aspect of our spiritual/life journey.  It offers time to step back from the course of daily life and enter into the Unknown.

Silence is the container of retreat to which all participants dedicate themselves, for it is in inner silence that deep realization spontaneously blooms. Retreat is also a time of one-pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs… I encourage each participant to fearlessly inquire down to the very root of self and the illusion of separation so that the light of awakening can penetrate throughout the whole of one’s being.
— Adyashanti