The Path of Peace: Certainty

During these times it seems there is very little to be certain of.  People are losing their jobs, their homes; families are splitting and living apart in order to survive financially.  These challenges are evoking a state of fear.  When we are in fear, we are in contraction. When we are in contraction it closes us off to any Divine Wisdom and Knowing.  Certainty is our deepest knowing. So, what is the one thing you are certain of?  When I move out of my head and into my heart the one thing I know is Love.  When I slow down, breathe deeply, or spend time in nature I become aware of the Presence that is All That Is, which expresses as Love.  We come to know this love through stillness, letting go of fear, going within, and listening.

This Love that is being spoken of is not the worldly love, though, it does take on many forms of expression.  This love, loves; regardless of circumstances and regardless of what the personality thinks about the situation. It is a relentless, ever present, all pervading Love. It is the essence of every atom, of every atom, of every atom.....  This is your true essence, your Divine Nature.

When all else falls away we are left with Love. Might this be what is being asked of us during these times, perhaps the reason for these times - a return to Love?  To embody this love; to live this love? This goes beyond thinking, grand ideals, having faith or even belief, to certainty.  The certainty that through Love we will find peace within. The certainty that when all else looks bleak our ability to love ourselves and love others is a beacon in the darkness. It takes us deeper into becoming aware of this Divine Truth within and living it in every moment.

May we have the courage to embrace change, the patience to allow all that is, the wisdom to see beyond the surface, and know only Love.