The Path of Peace: Compassion

As we continue down our Path of Peace we come to Compassion.  I was recently asked, "What is your vision?":

  • I hold the vision that there is no word known as healing, for each person knows themselves only as wholeness and pure Love
  • I hold the vision that from knowing the Self as whole and pure Love we see that the other is our Self
  • I hold the vision that there be no word known as war. As knowing the other as our Self we see no separation and therefore can only be moved to extend this Truth to all others
  • I hold the vision that this Love and Truth be realized in all forms in all of creation including Earth and all creatures
  • I hold the vision that indeed we only know Heaven and Earth as one. Where Peace, Joy and Love are the foundation for every relationship and business. Where each person knowing their wholeness also knows there is only abundance and freely gives and receives from this Divine Gift.

When we take up the path to realize inner peace we become aware that we are not what the world has told us we are. The world has told us we are a person with a particular personality, particular conditioning, that we are our bodies and minds. The world tells us we must be constantly improving ourselves because we are not good enough. And, if we aren't good enough, then the other person isn't either.  And if we are on a spiritual path then we do all this to ourselves within the "spiritual context" seeing others as "further along", "more awakened" and in a better place than us.  

When was the last time you stopped, sat quietly and ask "Who Am I"? When you go looking inside do you find a "me" or just a lot of thoughts that say, "this is me".  Have you noticed that thoughts come and go; yet the essence of who you are is still there, witnessing those thoughts?  So, what is that essence?  For some of you this is old news - you are fully conscious of your true nature. For others not so much.  So, lets continue.

Our true essence is that which animates our body/mind and is not separate from the body/mind. Our true nature is that which was before the body was born and will continue after the body dies.  When we become aware of this truth then we see that we are not separate from anything.   All teachings point us to the Oneness of all things.

When we see this truth then we come to a place of compassion for ourselves, for our conditioning, and for believing that we are less than what we truly are.  As this compassion arises for ourselves then we see others with new eyes and extend this compassion to them. Then we can allow compassion to become our guide.

May we have the courage to embrace change, the patience to allow all that is, the wisdom to see beyond the surface, and know only Love and compassion.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion
— The Dalai Lama