The Path of Peace: Abundance

December 2010 Newsletter

If you don't feel abundant with what you have now, even if you get more, you won't feel abundant.

We are inundated with information from TV, magazines, other people, that tell us we are not enough and we don't have enough (or the right, new and improved version of something). With the economic situation over the last couple of years many people are coming to the realization that everything they had built their lives on could vanish in a blink of an eye. Many have been forced to come face to face with their attachments to possessions, and their identification with jobs, titles, income, possessions, etc. They have been challenged to see they are not who they have believed themselves to be. What Divine Grace they are being given to release themselves from the untrue concepts and identifications. This is not to deny the challenge, fear and pain but to open to the opportunity to go beyond the mind-made lives we have created to the abundant depth of our True Nature as Divine Beings and to live a heart-centered life.

Abundance is not found in the external world but within the depths of our being. If you have ever experienced a brilliant sunset, sat silently with a tree, absorbed yourself in the laughter of children or any other breathtaking experience where your mind was suspended, then you have been blessed with a moment of realizing complete abundance. In that moment there was no lack, no grasping for more, no external identification - just a pure Beingness. In Beingness there is only Oneness - a complete being with all that is.

Open to this Oneness now. Take a moment and bring your awareness to your breath. Relax, breathe, relax even deeper. Don't listen to the thoughts, just allow everything to be as it is right now.

Can you find anything lacking? All you have to let go of are your thoughts, ideas and concepts that keep you separate from this Oneness, your Divine Abundance.

Continually bring yourself back to this Oneness, time and time again, to allow yourself to be centered and calmed by your Divine Beingness.

May you know your true abundance.