The Path of Peace: Generosity

January 2011 Newsletter

On the path of peace as we open to the abundance that is present in our lives we step into the cultivation of generosity.

Since there is no lack in Oneness what is there to hold back? In our Beingness we can fully give love, compassion, and understanding. When we open to the Oneness that we are, we see the other, is our self. Therefore, when we give to others we are giving to ourselves.

In our Beingness we can meet each moment with a generous openness, a willingness and acceptance to be with what is arising in that moment. No matter if joy is arising or grief is arising - we allow and accept. Seeing each moment and movement of life as Divine expression.

This generosity is self-less, it serves without the ego's need for recognition or attainment. Its the natural flow and expression of life as it moves through you as you. Can we be so generous as to see this Divine expression in each person we meet? Generously meeting them fully in the moment, allowing and accepting them just as they are? Generously giving all that we are in this moment with no attachment to outcome. Dare we live this open, vulnerable and authentic?

May we each have the courage to arrive fully present in this moment, opening deeply to our Beingness and sharing our Divine gifts.