The Path of Peace: Clarity

October 2009 Newsletter Article

In contemplating clarity it is seen that each of the attributes on the Path of Peace are fully and wholly present within you now. They are the radiant core that has been hidden by the stories we tell ourselves, otherwise known as our conditioning.

Many find themselves caught in political and religious debates and conflicts. They hold a stance of seperation and division, determined to cling to their story (point of view) regardless of the suffering it causes them and others. The anger and frustration they feel inside, even if not spoken outwardly, are forms of suffering. Suffering can be felt from the very subtle feeling of discomfort to the obvious internal conflict of harboring frustration and anger. These are subtle and not so subtle forms of violence that we do to ourselves and others. External violence in the world is but a projection of our own inner conflict.

When we are at peace within and see ourselves clearly; beyond our ego definitions and stories of oursleves, to our Divine Wholeness, we create a more peace-filled world. We are able to meet the challenges we face with Divine love and Oneness, knowing one cannot receive any gift that one is not willing to give. When we surrender control of the mind we truly see and are able to respond in the world from a place of widom and compassion.

Know you are that which you seek. You are the courage, patience, wisdom, certainty, compassion, joy and clarity. For are these not but aspects of the Love that you are?

May you see yourself as you are, not as you imagine yourself to be. May you see clearly this deeper Truth of your True Nature.