The Path of Peace: Understanding

February 2010 Newsletter Article

As a therapist, who has a keen interest in human behavior and a desire to help others (and myself) heal and be free from suffering, I have spent a great deal of time looking at how we create our own suffering and that of the world we live in.

Through direct experience I have come to see how we are constantly projecting onto others and the world our own inner thoughts, beliefs, feelings and stories. Our worldview is clouded by a veil of conditioning that keeps us from truly seeing others, situations, the world, and ourselves clearly.

How do we cultivate peace within ourselves when our conditioning (thoughts, beliefs, stories in our head) is clouding our vision and true understanding?

As children we take in everything around us and we learn that in order to get approval, praise, love, and affection we must adhere to and believe in what we are told about ourselves, others, and the world around us. This conditioning laid down in early childhood and reinforced throughout our formative years, is hard-wired in our brains, cells and tissues of the body. The things we learned in childhood, which were necessary for our survival, continue to inform us and lead our lives.

In working with clients I see over and over again their struggle with emotions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve them, yet, are such a part of their lives that to let them go is threatening. The very thought of letting go of that which is causing them so much suffering fills them with anxiety and fear.

When they have the courage to question their thoughts and beliefs, with compassion and patience, they grow and gain awareness; they come to a place of understanding and wisdom. Slowly they start to see and understand that their conditioning is the veil through which they view the world, others, and themselves.  

As they gain clarity and understanding their life is filled with more joy and peace. With deep self-acceptance they come to know the Truth of who they are as Divine Beings. They are then able to love themselves completely and from this place of understanding see through Divine eyes those around them.

The world is no longer a problem that has to be solved, but the beautiful expression of All That Is in its infinite capacity. In this place of knowing they are able to respond however Life calls them to respond from a heart centered place of deep wisdom, instead of a mind filled place of ego judgment.

How does one walk through that veil to reveal the knowing that is within? By having the courage to question, the willingness to come into a state of inner listening, compassion, lots of patience and earnestness.

May we all know the Oneness and Love that we are.